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I never knew how much damage water could cause

Many people have started a bath and left the room to tend to something else, completely forgetting the running water. Unless it had been running for quite a few hours, chances are you will be faced with a maddening clean up job, but without damage to deal with. Not so much the case when you have a broken pipe or a water heater with a huge leak. When faced with this kind of plumbing disaster, it can damage walls, carpet, and countless other things in it’s way. Plumbing can be pretty expensive depending on what’s needed, so it’s best to have routine checks done by a professional to make certain all your plumbing is in proper working order. Avoid the disaster, call your professional plumber.

When all you wanted to do was take a nice hot shower

We all have our routines in the morning, and typically it includes a shower or bath. So here you are, ready to take that nice hot shower and instead you are greeted with freezing cold water. Since this is the first time using the water that day, you already know you didn’t run out of hot water. Possibly the pilot light is out on the water heater, and in that case it’s best to consult the owners manual to see how and where to relight it. However, if these aren’t the causes, a bigger problem is looming. When it is time to replace your water heater, although most of us try to cut costs as much as possible, doing it yourself is not a good idea. This unit is usually large and heavy and keep in mind it is a pressurized container. Rather than take on a project without the experience and knowledge needed, call a professional qualified plumber to get the job done and your hot water running again.

I found out all my pipes are over 60 years old!

So you own a home that is still equipped with the same water pipes from when the home was first built. In that case, you are looking at Galvanized Steel. Although people thought years ago that the amount of zinc within the pipes would be harmful to them, it actually isn’t. However, over that time frame you can be guaranteed the pipes have a lower flow of water coming through, due to rust and the inside of the pipes being corroded. If a water softener was used throughout the years, then the corrosion may be slightly less severe. Then of course you also have to have the concern of asbestos being present if nothing has been touched during the decades. With water pipes having an age of 60 years or more, it is time to replace them.

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Are Touch less water faucets ideal for use at home?

If it’s been 10 years or more since you have needed anything plumbing related, get ready to be educated and sincerely surprised at what is offered on the market today. In this feature, we are going to discuss Touch less water faucets. Although they have been on the market and featured in commercial establishments for a number of years, the general public are now implementing this practice in their homes.

How often does a family take turns giving each other whatever virus they have come down with? By using a hands free soap dispenser along with a hands free water faucet, germs won’t be able to leave the bathroom! Not only is the technology used today, appealing to the eye, it’s also virtually maintenance free.

A Perfect Plumber makes it a practice of only providing the best materials at a fair price. When your ready to make that update to your bathroom, A Perfect Plumber will assist you in designing a germ free bathroom.

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Welcome to May

Welcome to May! Be proactive in protecting your home from water damage. We offer a range of services, including plumbing, heating, and drain cleaning.

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