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What you should know before allowing a plumber in your home


Decades ago, father’s didn’t typically tell their daughter’s to marry a plumber when they grow up. In their mind, the job wasn’t prestigious enough. Little did these fathers know what it takes to be a plumber. Most of us didn’t wind up with someone who excelled at algebra, geometry and physics unless we married a plumber. It takes at least 5 years of education and experience to just become a journeyman. To become a master plumber, depending on your states laws, it is another 2-5 more years before your eligible to take the master plumber’s exam. Then there’s the part of working in a freezing tight crawl space area fixing a pipe, or an even worse environment. You are talking about a very physically challenging and demanding job. So the next time you met a plumber, there’s a pretty high chance he is more educated than you and able to adapt to conditions and circumstances you’ve never even dreamed of.

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