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Salt Lake City Water Heaters


Whether your hot water use is regulated in a high-demand home, restaurant, hotel, business, boat or RV, A Perfect Plumber of Utah is dedicated to providing the Salt Lake City area with complete water heater installations, repairs and maintenance. We also understand that heating innovation and efficiency are key for providing maximum energy savings and exceptional output from today’s water heaters. Normally water heating systems over 10 years old will have failing copper elements or lime and sediment deposits affecting the efficiency of your hot water system. At this point the system fails to perform efficiently enough to meet the recommendations of The American Council For an Energy Efficient Economy’s prescribed efficiency ratings and although repairs or new parts may temporarily solve the problem a full system replacement is typically recommended. Here in Salt Lake City our experts at Perfect Plumber of Utah are trained to evaluate your water heating issues and give an accurate assessment on what solution is best for you.

Today’s water heaters come in many sizes, shapes and styles. From gas and electric water heaters to industrial boilers and solar powered systems even tankless or heat pump water heating systems. There is a fairly complex world of water heating solutions out there these days and for Perfect Plumber of Utah this translates into the need to provide the Salt Lake City area with highly qualified plumbing technicians to ensure that our customers are informed, treated fairly and have a long-lasting supply of hot water when you need it the most. So when the water is cold and frustration has set in call Perfect Plumber of Utah to get the warm water circulating again. We are dedicated to stay up to date with the newest technologies and specifications for your residential and commercial water heating needs. From pool houses to garages or hot tubs to outdoor sinks Perfect Plumber of Utah has the hot water heating solution for you.

Learn More About Water Heaters in Salt Lake City

Learn more about water heaters by contacting Salt Lake City’s plumbing specialists with Perfect Plumber of Utah at 801-554-3095. Whether patching up the problem or doing a complete system upgrade our team is dedicated to saving you money and providing you with the best plumbing services available in Salt Lake City. 25% of each energy dollar goes to heat water and you could be saving so much more on your energy bill. Today’s models are much more energy efficient and like most appliances, water heaters have greatly improved in recent years. Think about the money you could be saving by purchasing a product that works smarter not harder. For more information on plumbing repairs or remodeling for your kitchen, bathroom or basement, feel free to continue browsing our site. Be sure to visit our Frequently Asked Questions section for more answers to your water heater questions.

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