Are you also crazy about donuts? Those sweet pieces of dessert are your Achilles’ heel? Well, the days when you spend all of your spare money on them come to an end. Because today you’ll learn how you can make and bake this flavor-packed wonders at home! With all the stuffing you like so much, not worrying if the baker still has some in storage for a sweet tooth like you. So, grab the following items and ingredients: mixing bowl, plain flower, super fine sugar, baking powder, vanilla yogurt, eggs, vanilla extract, blueberries, donut pan, spray-on oil and (optional for sprinkling) vanilla sugar. You’ll be using the oven so prepare in advance. Watch the video provided so you know what exactly to do. The recipe in this tutorial uses blueberries but you can change it to any fruit or chocolate you desire. After you’ve taken them from the oven, leave to cool off for a few minutes and enjoy!


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