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When all you wanted to do was take a nice hot shower

We all have our routines in the morning, and typically it includes a shower or bath. So here you are, ready to take that nice hot shower and instead you are greeted with freezing cold water. Since this is the first time using the water that day, you already know you didn’t run out of hot water. Possibly the pilot light is out on the water heater, and in that case it’s best to consult the owners manual to see how and where to relight it. However, if these aren’t the causes, a bigger problem is looming. When it is time to replace your water heater, although most of us try to cut costs as much as possible, doing it yourself is not a good idea. This unit is usually large and heavy and keep in mind it is a pressurized container. Rather than take on a project without the experience and knowledge needed, call a professional qualified plumber to get the job done and your hot water running again.

I found out all my pipes are over 60 years old!

So you own a home that is still equipped with the same water pipes from when the home was first built. In that case, you are looking at Galvanized Steel. Although people thought years ago that the amount of zinc within the pipes would be harmful to them, it actually isn’t. However, over that time frame you can be guaranteed the pipes have a lower flow of water coming through, due to rust and the inside of the pipes being corroded. If a water softener was used throughout the years, then the corrosion may be slightly less severe. Then of course you also have to have the concern of asbestos being present if nothing has been touched during the decades. With water pipes having an age of 60 years or more, it is time to replace them.

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Are Touch less water faucets ideal for use at home?

If it’s been 10 years or more since you have needed anything plumbing related, get ready to be educated and sincerely surprised at what is offered on the market today. In this feature, we are going to discuss Touch less water faucets. Although they have been on the market and featured in commercial establishments for a number of years, the general public are now implementing this practice in their homes.

How often does a family take turns giving each other whatever virus they have come down with? By using a hands free soap dispenser along with a hands free water faucet, germs won’t be able to leave the bathroom! Not only is the technology used today, appealing to the eye, it’s also virtually maintenance free.

A Perfect Plumber makes it a practice of only providing the best materials at a fair price. When your ready to make that update to your bathroom, A Perfect Plumber will assist you in designing a germ free bathroom.

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How tankless water heaters are on the rise and the reason why

Tankless water heaters only heat the water when you turn on a faucet. The advantage is to decrease your extra energy costs. When the tap for hot water is turned on, cold water is what travels through the pipe, and then whether you have gas or electric, the element heats the water. There are many advantages to having a tankless water heater. They are compact, which takes up less space than a conventional water heater. It eliminates wasted energy as hot water tries to cool down in pipes, or while it is sitting in a storage tank.

Tankless water heaters come in many sizes. The size you need varies for every family. Does your home have two bathrooms? Will there be two showers running at once? Will there also be a load of laundry running at the same time? These are things you need to consider. If this were the case, you would be using almost five gallons per minute from the tankless water heater. The average shower needs to produce a temperature of 105 degrees, and will use up to three gallons of water. A washing machine will heat up to approximately 120 degrees if using hot water. This is a lot of water, and a lot of energy at one time. It’s important to remember other factors, which include the dishwasher, and washing dishes in the kitchen sink, both of which take up hot water.

Gas tankless water heaters do produce a higher temperature per gpm than an electric one. A gas tankless water heater will need proper ventilation. They are more efficient than electric ones and heat water quicker than an electrical unit. Because the gas unit does need the proper ventilation, the initial cost will be higher for proper installation and plumbing. If there are only one or two people in your household, an electric one is adequate, but if there are more than that in the home, it is recommended that you go with a gas tankless water heater. A Perfect Plumber is an expert in assisting with all your plumbing needs. Have a few more questions about this topic? A Perfect Plumber has the answers!

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Welcome to May

Welcome to May! Be proactive in protecting your home from water damage. We offer a range of services, including plumbing, heating, and drain cleaning.

Tooele Plumbing Repairs

For plumbing repairs in Tooele, Perfect Plumber is the most dependable reliable plumbers out there. There are 100’s of plumbers out there, but only ONE that is the professional in Tooele to get your plumbing repairs, kitchen, bathroom remodeling done with expert knowledge and quality service. We do the job right the first time; saving you time and getting your home back to normal again promptly. Whether you are in need of residential or commercial plumbing repairs no job is too small or large. We love what we do and it shows with the attention to detail and the quality workmanship we give to each of our clients. You can depend on us to give you the very best in quality and professionalism. We have been doing Tooele plumbing repairs and bathroom, kitchen remodeling in Tooele and the surrounding areas for over 35 years.

You can rest assured that we will get your plumbing problem or bathroom remodeling done promptly with precision and care. Water heaters are important part of plumbing and no one enjoys taking a cold shower or bath. Perfect Plumber in Tooele will get your water heater back to running perfectly, that’s why we are the Perfect Plumber’s you need to repair all your plumbing issues. Sometimes a small plumbing repair can turn into a larger one, but not if you contact us today. Our reliable and speedy service will save you precious time and money, not to mention costly repairs when a problem has been left unnoticed or unattended.

For Fast and Efficient Plumbing Repairs in Tooele Contact Perfect Plumber

Are your drains backed up, are the toilets not flushing like they should? Perfect Plumber in Tooele can repair all your plumbing problems, from water heaters, sewer repair to water mains we will get to your problem fast and efficiently. We are a team of professionals who know the urgency in getting the problem repaired quickly. We have over 35 years experience in the plumbing industry and the quality of work we do, you will surely be amazed. Our commitment to quality service and attention to detail is unsurpassed. Perfect Plumber are the Tooele Plumbers everyone is calling. We offer affordable plumbing repairs to remodeling kitchens and bathrooms in the Tooele area. Time is valuable to all of us, and we will do everything we can to keep the appointment on time, if for some reason we are running late we will call to let you know the time frame. We really do offer and perform prompt service. You will love the quality work we do. For plumbing repairs in Tooele contact Perfect Plumber 801-554-3095

Tooele Plumbers

Are you taking unnecessary cold showers because of a water heater not working properly? Perfect Plumber can repair your water heater promptly and efficiently so no more cold showers. We pride ourselves on the quality work we do. We have been in business for over 35 years servicing the Tooele area and we definitely know plumbing. You can rest assured that the work will be done by a team of professionals in a timely manner, with no short cuts to get the job done. For any plumbing issues in Tooele or the surrounding areas Perfect Plumber is the company that will get the job done right. We specialize in all things plumbing related so you will have confidence in our ability to do the job right, whether you are looking to have your kitchen or bathroom remodeled to repairing leaky faucets we can do it all in a professional way. Perfect Plumber is #1 rated for Tooele plumbers and the surrounding areas.

Our Tooele Plumbers are industry experts that provide speedy and reliable service to ensure that your small problem don’t turn into larger more expensive ones. We are committed to providing you with only the highest of quality service no matter your budget. Our services are affordable and no match for other competitors. Let our years of knowledge and expertise benefit you by saving more than time and money. Technology is ever increasing and we would like the opportunity to show you how improvements can help increase water flow, pressure and overall quality. Never take another cold shower.

Help To Conserve Water With a Tooele Plumber

A leaky faucet or a toilet over time will cost you more money in wasted water. Help to conserve water with a Tooele plumber. We will come to your home and repair the problem quickly and professionally. No more worries of a leaky faucet or a toilet that keeps running. Our work is of the highest standards for the plumbing industry; there are no short cuts with us to get the job done. Perfect Plumber are the experts at all things plumbing related, whether residential or commercial we will do the job for you. We know how important it is to have your plumbing running smoothly and when it’s not don’t wait for disasters to happen. Our team of professional plumbers will get to the problem immediately so you can get on with your day. We service Tooele and the surrounding areas giving each of our customers the very best in service. For drains that are backed up, toilets not flushing like they should contact your local Tooele plumber at 801-554-3095 for the best quality service.

Salt Lake City Water Heaters

Whether your hot water use is regulated in a high-demand home, restaurant, hotel, business, boat or RV, A Perfect Plumber of Utah is dedicated to providing the Salt Lake City area with complete water heater installations, repairs and maintenance. We also understand that heating innovation and efficiency are key for providing maximum energy savings and exceptional output from today’s water heaters. Normally water heating systems over 10 years old will have failing copper elements or lime and sediment deposits affecting the efficiency of your hot water system. At this point the system fails to perform efficiently enough to meet the recommendations of The American Council For an Energy Efficient Economy’s prescribed efficiency ratings and although repairs or new parts may temporarily solve the problem a full system replacement is typically recommended. Here in Salt Lake City our experts at Perfect Plumber of Utah are trained to evaluate your water heating issues and give an accurate assessment on what solution is best for you.

Today’s water heaters come in many sizes, shapes and styles. From gas and electric water heaters to industrial boilers and solar powered systems even tankless or heat pump water heating systems. There is a fairly complex world of water heating solutions out there these days and for Perfect Plumber of Utah this translates into the need to provide the Salt Lake City area with highly qualified plumbing technicians to ensure that our customers are informed, treated fairly and have a long-lasting supply of hot water when you need it the most. So when the water is cold and frustration has set in call Perfect Plumber of Utah to get the warm water circulating again. We are dedicated to stay up to date with the newest technologies and specifications for your residential and commercial water heating needs. From pool houses to garages or hot tubs to outdoor sinks Perfect Plumber of Utah has the hot water heating solution for you.

Learn More About Water Heaters in Salt Lake City

Learn more about water heaters by contacting Salt Lake City’s plumbing specialists with Perfect Plumber of Utah at 801-554-3095. Whether patching up the problem or doing a complete system upgrade our team is dedicated to saving you money and providing you with the best plumbing services available in Salt Lake City. 25% of each energy dollar goes to heat water and you could be saving so much more on your energy bill. Today’s models are much more energy efficient and like most appliances, water heaters have greatly improved in recent years. Think about the money you could be saving by purchasing a product that works smarter not harder. For more information on plumbing repairs or remodeling for your kitchen, bathroom or basement, feel free to continue browsing our site. Be sure to visit our Frequently Asked Questions section for more answers to your water heater questions.

Salt Lake City Plumbing Repairs

The experts at Perfect Plumber of Utah in Salt Lake City know that water flowing freely throughout our homes and businesses helps to provide for the safer, cleaner and more comfortable lives we have all come to expect living in the 21st century. We also understand that it is easy to take such comfort for granted. When plumbing issues arise, especially when it’s an emergency, we expect the solutions to be hassle free, easy to solicit and that the plumbing repairs are professionally executed by a dependable team of reliable plumbers.

If you have ever been left feeling dissatisfied with your local plumbing contractors plumbing repairs then it is time you solve your plumbing problems by calling one of the best plumbing companies in Salt Lake City. Our team of competent plumbers here at Perfect Plumber of Utah understands that it is our responsibility to get to the root of all plumbing problems and provide complete plumbing repair solutions for our customers. With the experience and expertise to tackle plumbing repairs from clogged drains, backed up toilets, bathtubs or sinks, a flooded basement, or even leaky pipes and appliances, Perfect Plumber of Utah has the team of professional plumbers that will leave you safe and dry. We also specialize in plumbing maintenance and plumbing systems installation. Perfect Plumber of Utah knows the damage that old or faulty plumbing fixtures and plumbing systems can cause so no matter what plumbing services you need, you can find your plumbing solutions from Perfect Plumber of Utah located right here in Salt Lake City!

Get a Free Quote for Your Local Salt Lake City Plumbing Repairs

If you find yourself ankle deep in Salt Lake City plumbing repairs and need to get that water flowing again don’t hesitate to call us for a free quote. In a world of stiff competition Perfect Plumber of Utah guarantees our plumbing services are second to none. Contact us at 801-554-3095. These types of repairs can become very costly if not dealt with as soon as possible. Our speedy reliable service is guaranteed to save you time and money. It doesn’t take long for a small problem to turn into a larger one that can cause unnecessary damage and you have nothing to lose by calling for a free quote today. For more information on water heaters or remodeling for your kitchen, bathroom or basement feel free to continue browsing our site. Be sure to visit our Frequently Asked Questions section for answers to your questions about plumbing repairs, maintenance or installations.

Salt Lake City Kitchen Remodeling

A kitchen remodeling will create a new design, function and resale value for your home and the personalization of your kitchen will be reflected in the designs and functions of the appliances and fixtures you choose. When planning your Salt Lake City home improvement project Perfect Plumber of Utah’s team of diligent plumbers can provide you with the kitchen plumbing solutions that will help bring your vision to life. We handle all types of kitchen plumbing installations including all varieties and styles of kitchen sinks and faucets from top mounted to under mount and of materials such as solid surface, cast iron, stainless steel, brushed brass, chrome and plastic.

Our team of professional plumbers also installs in-sink-erators, insta-hots, water filters, dishwashers and refrigerators. If you have hard water issues, no problem, we also install and service water softening systems! As the most heavily trafficked space of the home the kitchen endures high demands on every aspect of its design and function. Protect your investment by employing our professional plumbers to provide you with the quality, long lasting renovations you are looking for. We will work in unison with the rough framing, electrical and finish contractors throughout all phases of your kitchen remodeling and improvement to ensure that your home environment is disrupted as little as possible.

Learn More About Remodeling Your Kitchen in Salt Lake City

Learn more about plumbing your kitchen remodeling project by calling Perfect Plumber of Utah in Salt Lake City at 801-554-3095. When you are doing a complete remodeling of your kitchen or simply installing a new sink we have the team of skilled plumbers you can rely on to get the job done. We stand behind our work and guarantee to provide the customer service, quality, efficiency, and cost friendly services you’re looking for. Let us help you make your kitchen space what you have always dreamed of by allowing our professionals educate and guide you through each step of the process for a finished product that is exactly what you envisioned. Remodeling does so much more than add value to your home, it becomes a place for gathering, entertaining, creativity and more. You provide us with your ideas and we will transform your kitchen into a work of art without sacrificing functionality. For more information on routine or emergency plumbing repairs, tankless water heaters or remodeling for your kitchen or basement feel free to continue browsing our site. Be sure to visit our Frequently Asked Questions section for answers to your questions about your kitchen remodeling ideas.

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