An often-made mistake is that a garden requires a large surface. Truth is you can have fruit, vegetables and flowers even if you have a small space dedicated for these in your yard. The secret is to plan properly. And when you’ve done this, the options available for you open up to a wider range! Take a look at these ideas about gardening in small spaces. A raised garden is the most used form you can adopt for your own gardening project. The design featured on the next website can hold the weight of the soil tubs. This is just one solution from many, creative and useful at the same time. Choose which one suits your property and needs the best. A tiny yard isn’t an obstacle anymore in your effort to garden!

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Container-Vegetable-Gardening-2photo source: RaisedUrbanGardens

Vegetable Container Gardening



A how-to guide from the Seed to Stomach Project..Growing vegetables in containers is an easy way to experience the flavor and freshness of home-grown vegetables. Read more details in the next PDF guide…